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Ewbank-Smith Site

The namesakes for the website were two families that immigrated to Dearborn County, Indiana in the early 1800s:

In the years after arriving in Indiana from Yorkshire County, England, three children from each family would marry.

To complete the title two Ewbank sisters married two Hall brothers who were their first cousins as well as their husbands.

Also included are members of your host's and his wife's family. Some of the names included are Bartlett, Richmond, Lincoln and numerous others. Visit cousin Thomas Rogers, one of the original Pilgrims of 1620, or perhaps the 16th President of the United States, cousin Abraham Lincoln. See the thirty most common surnames on the website here. To see all the different surnames found on the website click here. Click on the topics in the sidebar and visit for awhile. There are numerous documents, photos of people, headstones and places. For example, there are several views of the still-occupied Ewbank Homestead.

CONTRIBUTE INFORMATION You can now interact and easily submit your additions and corrections to the data. Go to your family "group sheet" or the individual sheet you wish to improve and click on the tab "Worksheet." This will bring up a sheet with family information where you can add or correct the data, then click submit. After approval the information will be added to the website.

FIND A GRAVE LINKS The website now has 15,000 links to Find-A-Grave which will hopefully enhance your experience. You know more that we don't have? Let us know.

SIGNATURES There are nearly 1,500 signatures collected over the years of family members. Those that are available appear on the person's sheet or if you are interested in just seeing some of them, "mouse over" Media in the left menu, in the ensuing screen click on Signature from the drop down menu. Be patient it takes a few seconds to load. You can look to see if we have the one you are looking for by entering their name in the box and clicking Search. We welcome your sharing any that you have that we can attach to the persons in our database.

Want to know what happen on this day in the past, click here.

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